KBR delivers some of the world’s largest, most technically complex projects in the most inhospitable environments, providing innovative solutions, and services to overcome our clients’ “Challenges”. For projects, big and small, in any market we’re a trusted partner for engineering needs. Explore Opportunities with KBR India!

Our People
We, at KBR, are a team of diverse, talented individuals, who are passionate about our work and dedicated to making a difference to the planet. Our people are the heart and soul of everything we do. Our ONE KBR values bind us together and drive our day-to-day business activities and define who we are. We value our people and are committed to sustainability by delivering solutions that are changing the world.

Our Work
India Technology Centre, Gurgaon, set up in October 2009 is primarily an excellence centre for executing studies, BED, post-BED and extended BED projects for different technology projects. Conventionally, this centre caters 70-80% of workshare on any KBR Technology Business project. Majority of the operational initiatives are being driven from this centre, which is delivers projects efficiently and on time.
India Technology Centre, Pune, was set up in September 2012. and leads KBR’s proprietary equipment business., Driving proposals, designs, execution, and quality of delivered equipment are executed by teams in Pune. Besides, various innovative, proprietary equipment items for the hydrocarbon and chemical process markets that deliver low-cost, energy-efficient production for our clients are handled by this technology centre.

KBR’s Chennai Operations Centre (COC) started as small group in 2014 and has grown into one of the largest engineering resource locations within KBR globally with over 1,000 strong skilled professionals across all engineering disciplines. COC is the engineering centre and hub for global KBR projects. The office draws on the highly capable technical expertise of India, with many personnel having regional and global experiences to deliver projects of varied sizes and complexities. COC provides quality project execution by operating on the globally uniform integrated management system (IMS) and IT infrastructure.

Spread over two offices within Chennai, the COC is fully integrated into KBR’s standardized Common Operating Environment IT infrastructure. This ensures access to all KBR’s engineering tools, processes and procedures and to other KBR offices and clients around the world.

KBR’s headcount is expected to increase in the coming years.

Our Culture
We take pride in having an inclusive and diverse workplace environment, where employees are encouraged to share their thoughts, express their opinions, and take responsibility for their work. We firmly believe that every employee is valuable, has something to offer, and is committed to fostering an environment where opinions are valued and appreciated.
Our KBR value ‘Team of Teams’ inspires us to treasure teamwork and collaboration, and believe in creating a space where every person is committed to unleashing their full potential and achieving great things together.